Muinín P.B.C. is a Fidelity as a Service (FaaS) company. Using reproducible builds, distributed ledger, and open source technologies, Muinín (Irish for “trust”) is a cyber security technology that passively and actively ensures software and hardware integrity of critical digital equipment over the full lifecycle.


A full-platform of trustworthy computing systems: with a single platform that provides autonomous determination of integrity: covering logistics, supply, manufacture and end user system state.​
We propose - and are building - an integrated approach that includes:
  • Integrating oversight of how systems are made and supplied with their final state in operation
  • Building secure data fields on states in origin, in partnership with trusted manufacturers, and connecting these data to states of machines as used
  • Auditable / reproducible software stacks
  • Using distributed ledger technology to create a system of trust


Q: How does one leverage Blockchain to create a secure end to end supply chain
A: the answer here
Q: Another Question
A: You get the idea

The Muinín Team

Muinín Team

John Ryan, CEO

Former Google [x], Taiwanese ODMs, Monitor Group partner. Multiple startups. PhD Physics, Imperial College.

Muinín Team

Jim Gettys, Software Lead

DEC, Alcatel / Lucent; Creator of X Window System; VP of Software One Laptop per Child; IETF HTTP/1.1 Editor; Bufferbloat & embedded software expert, BS MIT.

Muinín Team

Jeremy Friesen, CSO

Former economist/central banker, senior strategist at Morgan Stanley, EVP BitTorrent, DLT pioneer, MA econ McGill.

Muinín Team

Dan Geer

In-Q-Tel CISO / advisor; and MIT engineer, advisor to Government & Congress, Harvard Sc.D.

Muinín Team

David Rosenthal

Co-founder nVidia, hash chain pioneer, co-creator of LOCKSS project, Ph.D., Imperial College.

Muinín Team

Bob Supnik

Former VP Engineering & Supply Chain at Unisys; > 20 years engineering at DEC. Directed DEC Alpha. BS Mathematics, MIT.

Muinín Team

Jennifer Ricklin, COO

Former DHS Chief Scientist & Director HSARPA; Chief Technologist, Air Force Research Lab; DARPA PM, Lockheed Martin. PhD EE, Johns Hopkins.

Muinín Team

Eric Grosse, Consulting Director

Former Google's VP Security & Privacy Engineering; Research Director and Fellow at Bell Labs. PhD CS, Stanford.

Muinín Team

Ginni Singh

Supply-chain expertise - HP, Dell
and others; Taiwan, India, China.

Muinín Team

Sean Maloney

Former EVP, Intel Corp.

Muinín Team

Sara Silver

Software Publishers' Association, Goldman Sachs, MarkMonitor (online brand protection).

signal: +1 415 494 7530 

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